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Bluphoria is a pop rock/alternative band, with psychedelic and southern rock influences. 

Based out of Eugene, Oregon, the band is fronted by Reign LaFreniere (lead guitar), with Dakota North (rhythm guitar), Rex Wolf (bass guitar), and Dani Robinette (drums).

 Founded at the University of Oregon in spring 2019, the band quickly gained popularity around Eugene and Portland, as well as the Bay Area.

Bluphoria released its first single “Kaleidoscope” in June 2020 followed by the official “Kaleidoscope” video which has amassed a stream count of over 20,000. Their EP titled “Alone” with their second single by the same name, has garnered over 22,000 streams. In November of 2020 the band released “Something More” and “Conscientious Debauchery” which has a stream count of 10,000 and counting.

Prior to the Covid-19 pandemic that hit the U.S. in March, Bluphoria played shows at Eugene’s biggest venues, including the WOW Hall, and has sold out smaller venues, college town house shows, as well as playing numerous large protests and live streams in support of various movements and causes.  The band is currently playing in support of their EP “Alone” and double single.

Their energetic and engrossing live show is their star attraction. The band’s songwriting, musicianship, and their studio work has been praised as “perfect for a dance montage, and makes you feel like you’ll be young forever.” 

Bluphoria’s “swamp psych-rock” sound takes their influences and churns out a revitalized sound for a new generation of fans.


Past & Future Shows

Bluphoria Show Calendar


May 11th

Matthew Knight Arena

Crowd size: ~200 people

Oct. 17th

WJ Skatepark (Eugene)

Crowd size: ~50 people

Oct. 25th

The Outhouse (Corvallis)

Crowd size: ~40 people

Nov. 16th

The Tiny House (Eugene)

Crowd size: ~200 people

Nov. 17th

WJ Skatepark (Eugene)

Crowd size: ~100 people

Nov 22nd

Secret House party @ The Birdhouse (Eugene)

Crowd size: ~50 people

Nov. 23rd

The Wub House (Eugene)

Crowd size: 145 people

Dec. 7th

The Opal House (Eugene)

Crowd Size: 212 people


Jan. 11th 

The Birdhouse (Eugene)

Crowd size: 152 people

Jan. 25th

The Wub House (Eugene)

Crowd size: 155 people

Jan. 31st

The Big Blue House (Eugene)

Crowd size: 214 people

Feb. 1st

The Tiny House (Eugene)

Crowd size: ~200 people

Feb 2nd

Acoustic show at the Opal House (Eugene)

Crowd size: ~50 people

Feb. 8th

Benefit show at Aqueerium (Portland)

Crowd size: ~175 people

Feb. 21st 

Venus’ Palace (Eugene)

Crowd size: 55 people

Feb. 22nd

Intimate acoustic show at the Honey House (Eugene)

Crowd size: ~15 people

Feb. 29th

WOW Hall (Eugene)

Crowd size: 150 people

March 7th

Dreampad (Eugene)

Crowd size: 150 people

March 14th

Venus’ Palace (Eugene)

Crowd size: ~150 people

June 5th

Protest for BLM at Laurelwood (Portland)

Crowd size: ~1000 people


May 25th

UO International Night (Eugene)

Crowd size: ~250 people 

June 5th 

KKC sorority (Eugene) 

Crowd size: ~100 people

June 6th

Moe’s bar and grill (Eugene)

Crowd size: ~200 people

June 11th

The Jugg House (Corvallis)

Crowd size: ~100 people 

June 18th 

Magic on Earth EP release party (Eugene)

Crowd size: ~150

July 2nd

Apple hate regional theatre (Eugene)

Crowd size: TBD

July 7th 

WOW Hall (Eugene) 

Crowd size: TBD

July 8th 

Blair Alley (Eugene) 

Crowd size: TBD

August 24th 

Kesey Square (Eugene) 

Crowd size: TBD



Eugene, OR


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